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Melissa McMahon went from mechanic to teller based on her skills

melissa_mcmahon1-191.jpgiMatchSkills is a new and useful tool for both job seekers and employers.  Business Employment Specialist Dan Hubble explains that the online system collects and matches skills to current job openings, and also banks skills information for future matches.  "People are always surprised at how many skills they really have," Dan said. "It's amazing to see their self esteem rise as they realize how many skills transfer into jobs they'd never dreamed they were qualified for - but are!"

Melissa McMahon used iMatchSkills recently at a WorkSource Oregon Center in Klamath County.  She had been an aircraft mechanic in the U.S. Marine Corp, wanted a career change and wasn't sure what skills she had. After spending time in the program, she realized she had a myriad of skills ranging from customer service to retail and paying attention to detail.  "I had a lot more skills than I thought," she said. "Dan would call me about jobs that matched my skills. And, I just started working at Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union as a teller!"

Find out what iMatchSkills can do for you in your job search or to find qualified candidates. The beauty of iMatchSkills is that it matches you to open jobs not soley based on your job title but on the skills you've accumulated over a lifetime.

It takes the average person only about 30 minutes to register. You do it online at http://www.workinginoregon.org/ or from one the WorkSource Oregon Employment Department field offices located around the state. Enter your work experience, then the skills and experience level for each of your occupations. The computer does the rest.

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